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Need graphic design services? Michael Berry Creative (MBC) offers many diverse design services to help your brand grow in the areas it needs most.

Billed hourly. Rates vary

No contracts

Art Direction

If design is the how then art direction is the why. It's the foundation of all communication, the process and production of typography, colour, scale, and placement. Michael Berry Creative can oversee the artistic aspects of a campaign, event, or other media production.


Michael Berry Creative loves working with start-ups and entrepreneurs. Your brand is much more than a logo, it’s everything about you encapsulated. MBC can create, produce, and promote your brand from the ground level making sure we’re creating something lasting.

3D Product Rendering (new!)

Want your product to show in its best light? 3D product renderings provide photorealistic aesthetics that scale and can be built into full 3D scenes. Great for advertising, website imagery, and blowing away users on socials.

Content Creation

Brands require a ton of content to engage with customers. Aside from core branding, this is where a company builds brand loyalty and voice. MBC will help create campaigns, promo videos, and stellar social content. Let’s rack up the engagement!


Print will never truly die. The touch of a physical print can’t be replecated on screen. Michael Berry Creative can cover all your print design needs; brand materials, signage, brochures, annual reports, POS, environmental design, and custom dielines.

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Please Note:

Due to high demand for this service, there may be a wait period before starting.

All prices are in Canadian currency (CAD).

Need a complete web service? Time should be spent focusing on your business, not web coding and digital jargon. Michael Berry Creative will take the pain out of creating, building, hosting, and maintaining a website.



Monthly subscription.

No contracts.

Get a website made by a professional designer who knows the ins-and-outs of web design; who will make sure everything is running smoothly in an ever-changing internet landscape. This service is the perfect option for small business owners looking for custom/bespoke websites, blogs, or sites with special features. This service requires a subscription to Michael Berry Creative, which you can cancel at any time.

  • An intuitive website that looks and performs great on all screens
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so customers can easily find you
  • SSL Certificate, making your website secure to customers and trusted by search engines
  • Form submissions are forwarded to your email, great for communicating with new and potential customers
  • Up to date specifications, ensuring your website is always running at peak performance
  • Integration with Google (Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google Site Verification)

Why this price?

Hosting, domains, and certificates are all based on subscriptions to third party applications/services. This is all covered in the monthly fee. You also get unlimited updates to your website. Need a picture swapped out? No problem. Just let us know the changes, and MBC will update within 24 business hours. Bigger changes qualify as complex changes.

What’s a Complex Change?

A complex change takes more time and requires you to approve designs before going live. These requests can include things like adding pages, creating a blog, linking payment options for customers, etc. Complex changes can be avoided by considering all potential pages/features in the early stages of the design process.

Can I connect an Email Newsletter or Campaign?

Yes! Michael Berry Creative can connect your email newsletters or campaigns. MBC will build sign-up forms in your website to attract new subscribers.

Michael Berry Creative can also design and distribute email newsletters or campaigns for you. See 'Additional Services' for more information.


We'll need a great domain for your site. If you already have one, MBC can usually transfer it over. Don't have a domain? We can find a great one at a great price. This is not included in the monthly subscription.

Tight security

Your website will be hosted on secure servers. If MBC ever gets a whiff of anything fishy you’ll be alerted immediately. Security is extremely important to us. This is where Google comes in. We make sure your website is trusted/promoted by the biggest search engine.

I’ve decided this service is for me!

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Please Note:

Michael Berry Creative does not currently offer e-commerce shops. The option of having a small select number of goods for sale on your website is negotiable.

Due to high demand for this service, there may be a wait period before starting. All prices are in Canadian currency (CAD).